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This is a 1-day Overview of Telecommunications and Telecommunications networks, covering signalling, transmission, fixed line and mobile.

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The course entails an introduction to data networking and TCP/IP Layered Networking. Delegates will connect and configure Cisco Routers and Switches to build a small network and verify operation. Switching and Routing topics will be covered including basic OSPF Routing with IPv6. Delegates should have the knowledge to attempt the relevant Cisco ICND1 examination.

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A 2-day Technical Overview of Broadband Technologies including the evolution of DSL with HDSL, VDSL and ADSL. Also Cable, WiFi, Wimax and others

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Technicians, Engineers and Technical Managers who require to understand the basic concepts, deployment and configuration of Internet Protocol version 6. Delegates will configure IPv6 and IPv6 routing on Cisco Routers. In addition, delegates will also verify the correct operation of IPv6 and troubleshoot any problems.

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The course will look at the basic technical details of Internet Protocol version 6, how it operates, the addressing system and a comparision with Internet Protocol version 4.

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Hands-On Beginners Introduction To NetworkingThis course is designed to provide delegates with a basic, practical understanding of Networking Principles through the use of networking devices such as Routers, Ethernet Switches, Hubs and Workstations. At the end of this class, participants will be able to: Determine the appropriate use for the following internetworking devices (Hubs, Ethernet Switches, Routers, Workstations.Manipulate Cisco IOS software through the Command Line Interface to configure and verify interfaces, various protocols and connections.Interconnect and configure Cisco routers and Catalyst Layer 2/3 Switches as part of a Network, to support specific LAN application services and WAN services.Use IP Addressing and perform network segmentation through the use of subnetting with the purpose of providing an efficient and effective working network. Build an internetwork and test the network by running application layer services across the physical and logical structure.Troubleshoot network elements and infrastructure using structured troubleshooting methodology

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This Hands On TCP/IP training course introduces the basic fundamentals of the Internet Protocols suite and utilises a number of hands-on exercises to allow delegates to develop practical skills. Delegates will be introduced to the function and workings of core TCP/IP suite protocols and will also build a functioning classroom network with hubs, switches routers and server applications. The Internet Protocol Suite, commonly known as TCP/IP, forms the basis for the Internet and the next generation of telecommunications services. Not only is it being used for pure data services such as Electronic Mail and Web-Based services but it is now also used as the core for mobile phone networks and Next Generation Services. It is now important for engineers and technicians to understand how the core protocols function and interact with each other in order to configure and troubleshoot modern computer networks.

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